Digital cards, Smart Networking.

A simple and free application to grow your network in a smart way.

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Digital business cards

Tell him hello!hello!hallo!こんにちはhello!day dhuit! 😃 to #SmartNetworking.

Easily create and share digital business cards and boost your network.

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“This application has made it 100% easier to manage my network of contacts.”

“I can create my own business cards, no fuss.”

“My sales have increased because my customers keep my cards.”

Super cool features.

Reasons you’ll love 😍…. forever!

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Share without contact.

App with integrated NFC technology.

Easy to share

Get your business cards to whomever you want and however you want.

Saves instantly

All your contact data is stored in one touch.

Unlimited cards

Cardee is free and there is no limit to the number of cards you can share.

Intelligent networking

Manage your network with Smart Networking.

CRM for companies

Integration with CRM software for customer management and tracking.

From paper to Megabytes

Store all your paper or plastic cards in digital format.

🔥 Much more to come! 🔥

🔥 More to come! 🔥

Cardee makes your Networking… and your life easier 😜.

The power of QR codes… 👌🏽

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Quick Response (QR) codes are becoming increasingly popular and useful in many areas of our lives. It stores all information in customizable codes and shares with most mobile devices that have a camera.

Cardee, tailor-made for you…📏

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Customize your Cardees easily and the way you want. Share only the data you need your customers to know.

  • Downloadable vCard version for saving on devices.

  • Share and call the mobile or office number.

  • Write an email directly to the email address.

  • Your Web site is important, let your customers visit it.

  • Button to write directly to WhatsApp.
  • Shortcuts to share your social networks and promote conversation.
  • QR code and multi-channel sharing button.

  • Possibility of direct sharing with NFC.

Convert more with Smart Networking.

Smart network management helps you increase sales. Track your customers with easy integration to popular CRM’s.

Professional CRM.

Integration for customer management and tracking.

Intelligent management.

Network management.

Customer retention.

Increase the revenue stream for your business.

“The new standard in business cards is cardee.”

Getting one is easy, easy, easy…. very easy!

Getting a Cardee is easy! All you have to do is register for free and request it by sending the data you want to appear on your card. We will receive the information and in a short time we will send you an email with your new Cardee and instructions on how to use it, it’s that easy.

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Imagine it being as easy as scanning a code? 🎉

The Cardee Me app will soon be available in the Android and Apple iOS App Stores. Do you want to have it first?

Try it and tell us about your experience.

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