Digital Business Cards for Business

Join the technological innovation!

Digital Business Cards for Business

Why use digital business cards for business?

Because you will get a lot of benefits for your business

Innovation and safety.

The adoption of digital business cards represents a disruptive innovation for your business, providing a modern and efficient solution for sharing contact information quickly and conveniently in today’s digital world.

Cost reduction.

By digitizing your business cards, you reduce the costs associated with printing and distributing paper cards, achieving considerable economic savings in the long run. 88% of paper cards go in the trash.

Contribute to the planet.

Digitizing your business cards is an effective way to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, avoiding the felling of trees for the production of paper cards and minimizing the waste associated with their limited use.

Contactless NFC technology.

NFC-powered digital business cards offer a fast, contactless way to exchange professional and business information with just a tap, simplifying your business connections and making your business stand out in a digitized world.

Digital Business Cards for Business
Digital Business Cards for Business

Management for large work teams.

Our digital business card platform for companies allows you to manage all the cards of your company’s sales and executive team in a centralized and efficient way, making it easy to organize and access the information of the entire workforce in one place.

Your brand and your company are important.

By offering a modern and memorable experience to your business contacts, digital business cards for businesses highlight your brand image and help you stand out in a competitive market.


Brand awareness.


Increased engagement.
Digital Business Cards for Business
Stand out with technology!

A high-level experience for professionals and companies

Digital Business Cards for Business

For freelancers who want to connect more efficiently.

Digital Business Cards for Business

For small businesses and business teams that want to increase their reach.

Digital Business Cards for Business

A powerful networking tool for the executive and commercial team.

Connect your business with Cardee

Innovate and stand out with digital business cards for business and NFC technology for contactless data transmission.

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Digital Business Cards for Business
Digital Business Cards for Business

It all translates into benefits for your company.

Digital business cards for businesses offer a highly convenient and cost-effective solution for your business. They eliminate the need to constantly manage paper cards, saving you time and money.

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